Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy hinges on creating an inclusive atmosphere for all students by developing course curricula that appeal to a broad diversity of learner styles. I am to make learning accessible by removing pretense and intimidation from my classroom. Students should leave my classes more confident and more knowledgeable than they were when they arrived. A group of students in a classroom will possess a wide variety of learning styles, experiences, and learning goals. It is my responsibility as an educator to appeal to as many student types as possible, making a dynamic classroom with a number of different instructional content modes critical for achieving learning outcomes for all students. To that end, I take a varied approach to curriculum design that focuses on student outcomes.

At the University of Nevada, I completed a Teaching with Technology certificate program geared toward active and inclusive learning practices, such as flipped classroom and project-based design. I am excited to apply new principles of data-driven pedagogical practices and tech integration into the classroom. Use of technology in the classroom should be meant to empower and inspire learners. We are increasingly finding that people are extremely diverse in the ways in which they learn and retain information, and we can leverage a diverse array of technology to appeal to differences in learning styles. The result should be creating a classroom that is inclusive and equitable to learners by providing transparent expectations and assessment. Furthermore, younger generations (i.e. undergraduate students), are adept at using tech tools already, making integration of technology with classroom materials easier than it may have been in the past.

To see the Digital Teaching Portfolio I created as part of my Teaching with Technology certificate program, toggle over the “Teaching” tab in the upper-righthand corner.