Teaching and Outreach

Lack of representation is a major problem in academic science. Implicit biases against underrepresented groups result in subtle, often unintentional microaggressions and sometimes overt discrimination, all of which takes a toll on self esteem, reinforces impostor syndrome, and contributes to loss of talent from the academic pipeline. I am extremely dedicated to dismantling barriers to inclusion through undergraduate mentoring and campus organizing. In Tucson, AZ, I have worked with Flowing Wells School District on forging a deeper connection between university researchers and K-12 students and teachers. I implemented a mentoring program for high school students, a quarterly speaker series featuring U of A researchers at the Flowing Wells High School campus, and a living document of U of A resources for STEM curriculum development. As a co-director of the University of Arizona WINS (Women in Natural Sciences) service organization, I collaborated on several seminar talks and workshops covering strategies to increase representation in STEM fields. I was also an organizer of the March For Science Tucson in April 2017.